About Us

Vik Krishnan


Vik Krishnan is the lead master of the management company. WIth experience in triathlon and duathlon management for 15+ years. An Ironman Finisher, avid runner and software creator by trade. 

Kleo Jendo


Kleo Jendo is the brawn of the team. He creates the bike racks, transition areas, start and finish lines as well as manages the flow of each event. An avid runner, marathloner, and an Union Carpenter by trade.

Trudy Wakeman


Trudy Wakeman produces and directs all aspects of the race, from promotions, marketing, athlete care and business development. Trudy has over 25 years experience in Race Production and Managment including directing the "Chicago Triathlon". She is an avid triathlete  with multiple Ironman finishes.