What questions do you have?


Q: What is the average water temperature?
A: We anticipate the water temperature to be anywhere from 60 - 68 degrees race morning. If the temperature is 59 degrees or below - the course will be shortened.

Q: Are wetsuits allowed?
A: Yes - wetsuits will be allowed and encouraged for the swim.

Q: I'd like to wear my snorkel and fins during the swim, can I?

A: Snorkels are allowed during the swim portion of the event, however fins of any kind are not.

Q: Is transition open so that my spouse/friend can assist me?
A: Transition is closed and would prefer that non-participants would encourage you from outside the transition area. Also the No Nude Policy will be enforced!

Q: Will I have my own bike rack with a number on it or do I have to get there super early to get the best spot?

A: You will have a specific bike rack for you and only you.

Q: Are bike helmets required?
A: Yes, bike helmets - US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) required and must be worn all times when on the bike Before, During, and After the event. CPSC stickers are typically on the inside of every helmet.  CHIN STRAPS must be buckled at all time!!

Q: What  Race Numbers do I need to wear them and when??

A: You will be given 3 numbers - The bike and helmet stickers are on one piece of paper.

Please make sure the helmet and bike numbers are secure.

This is for security when you exit transition.  The race bib is worn on the run only - 

if you swim and bike with it on...that's OK too. We just want to make sure it's showing 

on the front when you run. DO NOT transfer your number to another athlete or take a number from an athlete that is not competing. You can transfer numbers up to Friday prior to the race. Please contact the Race Director at

Q: Can I draft on the bike?

A:  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRAFT! Drafting on the bike requires riders to be at least three (3) bike lengths of the clear space between you and the cyclist in front of you. If you move within this zone you must pass within 15 seconds. Drafting penalty will be issued if two (2) or more riders comment on a offending rider. Please bring to the race directors attention.

Q: What if I get lost on the bike course?

A: The course is well marked with pavement markings and directional arrows at each turn. However, it is your responsibility to know the course and follow the directions of the volunteers.

Q: I always bike and run with headphones, can I use them?

A: NO - for the safety of you, volunteers, other participants, and the public no headphones, ipods, mp3 players or personal audio devices will be allowed to be worn or carried during the race. 

We are guests in the Village of Fox Lake and within the park boundaries of the Chain O' Lakes State Park - do not throw/discard any bottles, wrappers, or the like on any portion of the course.

List of Items to bring to your race..

Swim Gear  


  Suit / Tri Suit



  Glide or lubricant  

  Ear plugs (optional)




  Water bottle (s)

   Socks (optional)

   Sun glasses

   Tire pump



  Socks (optional)

  Race belt/race number


Post Race

   Dry Clothes

   Wet Clothes bag

   Dri Shoes/Flip Flops